Monday, February 11, 2013

Westward Expansion Fake Facebook Pages

Check it out!! Mrs. Deschamp's and Ms. Bernstein's students had a great time creating some fake Facebook pages about the groups of people involved in Westward Expansion. Wish there was room to include pictures of ALL of them, but with over 200 final products turned in, there just isn't enough!

Other happenings in Libraryland include  the following:
  • 8th grade science students learning about the formation of the moon, the solar system, and the universe.
  • 6th Grade ESL students tackling the art of argumentative writing by creating an Xtranormal cartoon
  • 6th Grade Science is getting ready to embark on an internet scavenger hunt focused on Rocks
Of course we just got in about 50 new book titles with an additional 40 on the way!

Stay tuned for information on a new Blogging Book Club that will be held after school starting soon!

Have a good day Gators! (and stay warm!) :)