Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Now that things have settled down a little but, I would like to take this time to welcome you to the 2015-2016 school year! I am excited for the new school year and look forward to working with the students at Mount Garfield in a wide variety of ways.

The beginning of the school year brings with it some items that need to be addressed so please take note of the following:

  1. A new policy in the library this year is that students will be required to have their student I.D. in order to check out books. The use of the student I.D. will eliminate the possibility that students are using an incorrect I.D. number when checking out books.
  2. I.D. pictures were taken on August 11. If your student did not get their I.D. picture taken, s/he can get one from the library. If your student has lost their I.D., the fee for replacing it is $3.00.
  3. Library fines/bills carry over each school year. Current library policy is that if a student has any fines up to $5.00 they can only check one book out at a time. With fines over $5.00, students are not allowed to check any books out until some of the fine is paid. I will be notifying parents each month if a student has a library fine. Fines can be paid in the library during school hours on most days. Students may also pay their library fines at the office. Please do not hesitate to contact me for additional information concerning library fines.
  4. If a book is lost, there will be a $25.00 fine added to student account and the student will be billed for the book.

Mrs. Cooper