Friday, January 18, 2013

What a Way to Start the Year!!

The past couple of weeks have been super-busy in libraryland! Mrs. Deschamp and Ms. Bernstein brought their 8th grade students in to learn about the harsh realities of life and learning how to budget their money through a Google Apps project called the Game of Life. Students used their Explore test results to figure a job they would have then based all of their income decisions - such as buying a house, a car, etc. - on the amount on money they were making. Although it was fun for students to "dream" about that $6 million dollar home in Malibu or a $300,000 custom-desgined car, most of them learned very quickly that those items were well out of their budget. They created budget sheets and ultimately built a Google Sites page that incorporated all of their findings. A big shout out goes to Becky Johnson at East Middle School for initially creating the project and then sharing it with us!

Sample of what students created for their Google Sites page

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